Magick begins in the kitchen.

Our Herbal Story

Sister of Mother Earth sprouted to existence over a decade ago in an aspiring herbalist’s kitchen. Unique fire cider blends are made with local and foraged ingredients to create ultimate immune boosting concoctions.  Herbal infused honeys, wild medicine and food are crafted with support from like-minded farmers, growers and other small businesses from the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Reintroducing folk remedies and native wild foods, plus creating community with other small businesses in the area is the core of Sister of Mother Earth’s mission and dream.

Let the darkness in...

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Upcoming Classes

Want to dive deeper into your kitchen witch practice? Join me on PATREON as we gather each month to practice rituals, spells, recipes, wild medicine, worksheets, and so much more. I am currently not posting on Patreon but there is a year’s worth of classes, crafts, recipes and magickal tidbits available. I will return later this year!

Come on over to the witchy side and lets stir the cauldron together! 

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WNC Wild Herb Weekend July 21st-23rd

Celebrating Samhain with a Kitchen Witch (TBA)

Celebrating Yule with a Kitchen Witch (TBA)

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