The Great Oak

     The Oak has been used in many religions and cultures from food to ink and serves as a beautiful ancestor to us all. They typically are one of the largest beings in the forest and stand for strength and stability. 

     I live among these beautiful strong giants. We have them right outside of our door as well as the place where I often go to walk in the evenings. They are majestic and full of energy. It has been said that they moan when they eventually fall. I can’t help but think of all they have seen and assisted with that when it is time for them to lay down with the forest floor and mingle with the mitochondria world that they are a bit sad….and tired. 

     It was once said that simply walking around the tree 3 times and wishing your ailment away with the next bird that landed on its branches would cure you. I go to the Oak for much of my magick. I leave offerings for her often and sit with her. She came to me in a dream two decades ago, showing me a picture of a cemetery on a hill in the mountains. She stood by my ancestors’ graves and showed me the way to find them. It only took a few years until we found the winding road up the mountain to this very place that was in my dreams. And there she stood!

     Trees hold knowledge that they are ready to give us freely, we just must ask. Her gift is of healing and protection. Her inner bark, leaves and fruit can be used to heal and nourish us. Leaves are great as poultices, acorns are nutrient dense, the inner bark is astringent and bitter. The list goes on and on. Gather some of her leaves and warm them in a pot of water until soft. Pulverize them in a food processor and then freeze into ice cube trays. They are great as a poultice for skin irritations, bleeding and to reduce swelling.

     As I walk further down my ancestral path, more beings meet me on my journey. Spend time among the trees. Listen to what they have to say. If you come upon an oak that has been hit by lightning and is still standing, they are called “lightning oaks”. Ask for a piece of her wood and bring it to your home for good luck and protection. Don’t be surprised if the atmosphere and energy in your home transforms beyond your wildest imaginations!