• Herbal Body Care

    Herbal Body Care (3)

    Taking Care of Our Body As a kitchen witch at heart, I love to blend concoctions with simple ingredients. Herbs, vegetables, and oils are all healing ingredients that can be used for remedies internally and externally. I use only organic ingredients in all my products, and if I can source those ingredients locally, I will and do. Salves, balms, hair…
  • Herbal Foods

    Herbal Foods (22)

    Everyday Herbals blended for Cooking Everyday we should be seasoning our meals and enjoying the many benefits of the plants that grow around us. I have blended amazing products that can help you enjoy more herbs daily! Infused honeys, vinegars, salts and later this year, oils will liven up your food and allow you to really partake of the medicinal…
  • Kitchen Witch Sundries

    Kitchen Witch Sundries (23)

    All things kitchen witch! Every craft, box, spell, herb associated with curating your magick you will find in this section!
  • Tonics

    Tonics (6)

    Slow and Steady Herbals Tonics are herbal concoctions that nourish and are considered generally safe to consume daily for most folks. Tonics are great when treated like a food which my fire ciders you can absolutely do that. My elderberry syrup which only requires a small dose everyday boosts your immunity and allows you to really fight off all the…