Lughnasadh is on the way!

I love this time of year….because I know Autumn is soon approaching! I am in the kitchen a lot right now, so having a simmer pot going is a daily thing around here.

Here is a lovely Lughnasadh simmer pot recipe to try plus a fun little spell to say over it as it brews. I love calling in the energy of gathering and preparing for the winter.


Oranges (any citrus is great)- magick of the sun and its solar energy

Calendula flowers- attracts abundance and sunny possibilities

Sage- wisdom and ability to see clearly

Thyme- courage and improvement as well as protection

Apples- sweetness and love a plenty, healing and fertility

Oak- protection and wisdom, healing, longevity, vitality


Slice the fruit and add to a pot. Add other ingredients. Can be fresh or dried. Pour water to fill about 3/4 full of pot. Bring to a boil, then turn down to simmer. As you are adding the ingredients into the pot, say this lovely charm over your water mixture.

“Herbs of sun, harvest and land,

I am leaving you now to brew.

Simmer well in my hearth’s cauldron,

As I gather and harvest each day through.

As I will it, so shall it be”

Feel free to add a bay leaf with a symbol, name, action anything else drawn on it to incorporate into the energy of the simmer pot.

CHECK ON THIS OFTEN. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. Only use a simmer pot when you will be home all day and can be mindful of it, checking it often so it does not run out of water. Add water if gets low. Can be reheated a second time but then herbs will need to be given to Momma Earth as a composting offering!

Fill your hearth with the magick of the first harvest, Lughnasadh