Ramp Wild Herb Finishing Salts


Wild Ramp Finishing Salts are a delicious addition to your cooking and plated foods! Only one batch made this year with this tasty spring wild food!


Ramps, a wild food that grows in Southern Appalachia all the way up to Canada, love the cool mountain springtime and forests. They are only able to be harvested during the early parts of Spring. Cousin to the onion family, they can be used as a seasoning but also as a wild green! They are fantastic sautéed with eggs.

This year’s ramp harvest was sustainably and ethically harvested in Northern Buncombe County. A few leaves are only taken from each plant and no more then a small percentage from each patch. Being sustainable is incredibly important to the life of this Appalachian wild food. We want ramps for years to come so it is important that we only support those that are maintaining its existence in the wild.

We take the wild leaves and grind them with Himalayan salt, let them dry together. The potent leaves and their juices are soaked up by the salt! So you are getting the tasty ramp, whole leaves and all within your salt!

There is only one large batch available this year. So, we decided to put the salts in smaller bags so more folks can enjoy this tasty wild green! Add them to your salt cellar to extend their use, add to your salt shaker, or just dispense from the bag!

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.5 oz