Luck and Prosperity Kitchen Witch Herb Blend



Kitchen Witch Herb Blends were intentionally made to focus on the energy they are named after. Use them in your cooking, spellwork, ritual, on your altar, and in your candle and salt magick. Only a little is required. Each blend was given their intention as they were bottled.


Luck and Prosperity was blended to call in abundance and increase.


Nutmeg: a powerful good luck talisman.

Allspice: attracts abundance.

Ginger: Warms the intention so that it is successful.

Basil: Attracts good business and a happy home.

Apple Mint: Clears away the cobwebs of uncertainty to allow prosperity to flow freely.

Parsley: Keeps out unlucky energies. Gives protection.


*made with organic ingredients

Meant to be used in small amounts.

15 ml bottles with a cork topper