Herbal Divination Class


In this fun interactive class, you will get the basics for using your kitchen witchery wisdom to increase your intuitive magick!


Herbal magick opens doors for the kitchen witch. We can interact with herbs for food, medicine, magick and even divination. In this class, we will dive deep into the magickal realms of divination with some of my favorite herbs. This is a beginner’s class.

We will go over ways to incorporate them into our kitchen witchery recipes and ritual work within the kitchen. Spell jars, protection amulets, sachets, simmering pots, herb burning bundles and incense blends are great ways to incorporate herbs into boosting your psychic abilities. We can use these ways to practice listening to our intuition and to focus on the paths we need to take.

This class also includes a beginner’s course on tasseomancy, aka reading the leaves. We will go over a little history, tools needed, teas that can be used, how to practice and create your own rituals, meanings of symbols and placements plus you will receive a magickally crafted divination box of goodies to use for the class. To receive the box before class you must sign up by January 3rd, otherwise it will come after class. (which is ok, too)

Class date is Monday, January 10th at 8pm EST via zoom. You will be sent the link before the class.