Divination Kitchen Witch Herb Blend



Kitchen Witch Herb Blends were intentionally made to focus on the energy they are named after. Use them in your cooking, spellwork, ritual, on your altar, and in your candle and salt magick. Only a little is required. Each blend was given their intention as they were bottled.


Divination Blend

Hibiscus: To open the mind to dreams of visions. To help with seeing beyond the veil.

Calendula: Calls in the happiness of the past. To remember the good times.

Orange Peel: Produces spiritual love which may be beneficial when tapping into other realms.

Lemon Peel: Promotes happiness and healing.

Mugwort: Protection for when you are traveling through the other realms.

Sage: For wisdom while traveling and looking beyond the veil.


*made with organic ingredients

Meant to be used in small amounts.

15 ml bottles with a cork topper