Cold Brew Tea System and Tea Blend


When you brew iced tea using the traditional hot-to-cold method, the heat changes the chemical structure of the leaves allowing tannins to infuse the tea, which can result in a bitter or astringent taste.

Cold-brew tea is a lot smoother because the flavor is slowly extracted over several hours. People that try cold brew tea say that it brings out flavors that they had never tasted before when they brewed it with hot water. In addition to a smoother flavor, fewer tannins may also help you absorb more iron from food.  Check out this great set to get you started making cold brewed tea blends!

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Cold Brewed tea offers many benefits!

This is the season of Sun teas and iced teas. Actually I love iced tea all year long! I love blending teas and finding what works and what does not. I also like to head outside into the garden and just grab a few herbs and make a tea with what called to me.  There are a lot of benefits to cold brewed teas. Check out my BLOG on cold brewed teas and why they are so good for you!

This kit allows you to easily brew your herbed tea using the Cold Brew System. You choose which tea you want to go with this kit from my three teas in stock!

Cold Brew System makes just over a quart of herbal tea with each batch, plus it is actually quite pretty to use and have in your fridge! It consists of one glass pitcher with stainless steel filter and lid.

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