Chickweed Finishing Salts


Chickweed is a beautiful spring green full of that amazing wildness that we crave in the springtime. It is a great blood mover and high in vitamins and minerals. We love making finishing salts because you get the entire plant in your salt. We start with fresh plant matter, break it open to allow the juices to flow, then blend with coarse salt. We let it sit together drying for about a week and then grind again to make a salt! Voila! A beautiful blend of herb and salt that allows you to have a little bit of wild daily!



Directions for use: Sprinkle on foods while cooking or before eating as you would when you traditionally salt something.

Ingredients (All organic): Himalayan salt, chickweed herb (Stellaria media)

*chickweed herb harvested from Floating Leaf Family Farm in Mars Hill, NC, Two Trees Farm in Candler, NC and Wild Mountain Family Farm in Barnardsville, NC

****made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients



  • I am not a medical doctor. I am a traditional herbalist. I am not attempting to diagnose any medical condition. Please be educated in your personal herbal usage. Practice safe herbal usage especially while you are pregnant, breastfeeding, dosing children, or taking medications.
  • Made in a certified kitchen in Marshall, NC
  • Not FDA approved. This herbal supplement is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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4 oz