Celebrate Bealtaine Class



Join me at Asheville Raven and Crone as we celebrate Bealtaine! We will be diving into ways to embrace the season and crafting some serious garden and hearth magick! We will be making a fun Bealtaine hanging, a spring tonic and a garden or hearth ward. We will also discuss wards and how to use them.

Bealtaine holds some serious fertility, youthful, and abundant energy. We will discuss spellwork and magickal workings you can incorporate into everyday life! One of my favorite holidays here in Appalachia! Come celebrate with us and start off the holiday with creative energy and playfulness.

Class Date and Time: Sunday, April 30th, 2023 at 3pm til 5pm

Class Fee: $45

12 spaces available

Come dressed comfortable and bring a basket to carry your goodies home!

See this class on my calendar!