Cailleach’s Apiary – Reishi and Cacao – Infused honey


When good local honey becomes magical reishi “chocolate”.  Not really chocolate but this Reishi infused honey looks like a thick chocolate mousse when it is blended.  Also dubbed the mushroom of immortality, Reishi is full of antioxidants and immune boosting power, full of anti-inflammatory properties and even boasts of cutting down cancer risks! We add Reishi to honey with a little raw cacao nibs and it becomes this dreamy ‘good for you’ chocolate concoction!!! Don’t reach for candy! Reach for a spoonful of this sweet medicine!  It is great on ice cream, in coffees, hot chocolate, yogurt, oatmeal and even smoothies!


Reishi and Cacao Infused Honey is available year-round. Shelf-stable for up to a year.

Directions for use: STIR WELL before each use. Add desired amount to foods like yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, oil and vinegar for a salad dressing, herbal tea or coffee, or a spoonful for a quick energy boost, on top of ice cream, even add to a cup of warm water for a quick tea. Made with organic ingredients.

Ingredients: locally harvested raw honey from Haw Creek Honey, Red Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi), raw Cacao Nibs.

*made with organic ingredients

**Not intended for children under the age of one year


  • I am not a medical doctor. I am a traditional herbalist. I am not attempting to diagnose any medical condition. Please be educated in your personal herbal usage. Practice safe herbal usage especially while you are pregnant, breastfeeding, dosing children, or taking medications.
  • Made in a certified kitchen in Marshall, NC
  • Not FDA approved. This herbal supplement is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.