Breaking Down the Spell Worksheet


Need more focus in your own personal spellcrafting? Use this fun and simple worksheet to really draw more focus to your intentions.


Spellcraft is an everyday practice with the everyday Witch. I am a student at heart and like to see the different elements of a spell come together. First and foremost, a spell is an intention, a prayer, using the energy around you to call in an energy that you need. Occasionally, I fly by the seat of my pants, but sometimes, I really need more focus, more details to bring more influence to my intention or prayer. I am an organic being, I love to write, visualize and actually touch my tools and sing my ritual. Are you the same type of person?

This worksheet helps you map out your intention and helps you create documentation that you can refer back to again and again. Practicing your craft and journaling about your work is a great way to begin your own personal magickal materia medica.

Use each section to write notes about why you chose the item that you did. There is also space on the back to really break the spell down even more.

This is a downloadable file that will be sent to you via email. Copyright is in effect, so please do not share. You may make copies for yourself, but remember I am a one woman show trying to make a living. Handouts take a great deal of time and thought.  Encourage others to check out my worksheets as they become available.:) They are totally affordable!

Make front and back copies printing on the long side. Place in a binder and have a full spread open so you can see the full picture. I like to fill out the first page with all the details and then really focus on the outcome on the second page. That way you can tweak the details if you need to.