Daily Connection Challenge with your Ancestors as a Kitchen Witch



I’m so excited that you’re taking this step to touch base more with your Ancestors! ! I promise, it’s going to bring you closer to them and their wisdom. Plus it will help you begin to really know when they speak to you and what they need to say to you!

I’m Lori, witch, wife, mom of 3 and owner of Sister of Mother Earth, LLC, living in Western North Carolina in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. I love teaching kitchen medicine classes as well as classes on how to embrace everyday magick more!

This challenge is for you if you are feeling disconnected from your heritage and seeking deeper guidance in your magickal life.

This is for you if you want to overcome the fears and uncertainties that cloud your path, heal ancestral wounds, and unlock the wisdom and support of your ancestors.

This challenge is essential for embracing your roots, enriching your spiritual journey, and growing your practice with the strength of your ancestral lineage.

This challenge is also for you if you do not know your Ancestral lineage but feel a calling to a particular lineage. Our Ancestors are the plants, animals, trees and stones. They all came before us as well.

If you’re nodding along, then hello witch! You’re not alone and this challenge is going to help you create a strong everyday practice that will help you to step into the most powerful role of your magickal life… BECOMING AN ANCESTOR.