A Witch’s Hearth Yearly Planner (downloadable version)


A Witch’s Hearth Planner is for the hearth witch who loves to keep her home and kitchen swirling in the magick of the seasons!


Are you a witch that loves a planner that you can touch and write in? Do you want a planner that gives you focus and direction through the year? Do you follow a Celtic path? Do you love to tend your hearth all year long?

Then this planner is for you! Nearly 200 pages filled with a weekly spread, Celtic holidays, Astrological information, Kitchen Witch focus and so much more! Written by someone with a neurodivergent and ADHD mind, this planner helps a witch stay focused on the energy of the seasons, magick that is available and even a bit of foraging and kitchen witchery to boot!

Information on how to use the planner is in back of the book, printing is super easy.

Happy 2024 planning!