Elderberry Everyday!

Taking elderberry syrup everyday is a fantastic way to really boost the body’s immunity and to help fight off all the nasty viruses and bugs that attack us daily!

My syrup is a truly shelf-stable product. Lots of folks out there boast their product is “shelf-stable”. While that may be true for the product BEFORE it is opened because it has been heat sealed, once you open it it must be refrigerated. It isn’t REALLY shelf stable. Plus, it has been heated! Any beneficial nutrients are destroyed when cooked and I don’t know about you but honey is its own medicine all by itself! I will not cook my honey….ever! IT is a living food when raw, a powerhouse of phytonutrients and prebiotics! Once it is cooked all of that is gone! It just becomes a sweetener!

My syrup will last forever if kept away from heat and direct light, but I put a year date on everything I make. The medicinal properties of the elderberries are brought to you through three different menstrums…honey, water and alcohol! Triple doses of medicinal goodness. Plus, I have added in cinnamon, cloves, ginger, locally harvested chaga from Blue Ridge Chaga Connection and rosehips for extra vitamin C. This is a potent medicine and the only truly herbal medicinal I offer to the public. You can purchase this syrup in an 8 oz bottle (roughly 80 servings) or in a 4oz bottle. If you want a larger bottle, you will need to contact me directly.