Salt as a Preservative

Salt is a beautiful preservative of herbs. Finishing salts are not your average herbal salt. Fresh herbs are ground with good quality Himalayan salt, allowed to dry on racks, then ground again to create a beautiful table salt full of the delicious goodness of the herbs used.  You are truly getting a unique product to use everyday in cooking or on your foods before eating.

We love to infuse wild herbs as a finishing salt but we also have fire cider finishing salts. I am of the mindset that nothing should go to waste. So when we strain the fire cider blends we save the vegetables and herbs called the marc and create finishing salts with that marc. So NOTHING goes to waste. Plus, they are a delicious seasoning salt. We strain our Queen of Thieves and Roots and Shrooms Fire Cider for finishing salts.

    • Chickweed Finishing Salts
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      • Chickweed Finishing Salts
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      • Chickweed is a beautiful spring green full of that amazing wildness that we crave in the springtime. It is a great blood mover and high in vitamins and minerals. We love making finishing salts because you get the entire plant in your salt. We start with fresh plant matter, break it open to allow the juices to flow, then blend…