Everyday Herbals blended for Cooking

Everyday we should be seasoning our meals and enjoying the many benefits of the plants that grow around us. I have blended amazing products that can help you enjoy more herbs daily! Infused honeys, vinegars, salts and later this year, oils will liven up your food and allow you to really partake of the medicinal benefits of herbs. So many local wild herbs grow here in the Southern Appalachian mountains where I call home! I spend my days in the early spring foraging and harvesting lots of locally growing wild food to put into my products! Sometimes I am on sunny balds looking out over the mountain ranges but sometimes I am at local farmers’ lands harvesting from their fields before the first planting! It is a beautifulwild food symbiotic relationship! Sometimes I grow what I use, but the land I tend right now is not very large, so I have to be resourceful! Being the Gemini that I am, I love community, people and interacting with those that have the same mindset! You get that end product full of love for the plants and for the land those plants inhabit!